KC Wirefree Bluetooth Audio Modules

Bluetooth Audio Modules

Bluetooth Qualcomm (CSR) FCC CE ROHS Compliant

Embedded Bluetooth Profiles

Hardware Solutions

KC Wirefree Bluetooth Audio Modules are fully embedded pre-licensed off-the-shelf wireless audio systems. These modules use the BlueCore 5 chipset by Qualcomm (CSR) (Cambridge Silicon Radio), which is one most advanced Bluetooth embedded audio chip available, and has performance capabilities far beyond standard Bluetooth specifications. We offer several customized firmware solutions that take advantage of these extra hardware capabilities. KC Wirefree audio modules are full featured, completely embedded wireless audio subsystems. With onboard flash memory, they are capable of deploying any Bluetooth or customized audio profile desired, and can be updated anytime. Onboard ADC and DAC, user interface IO, LED drivers, Li-Ion battery recharger, USB.

Firmware Solutions

Our kcGateway firmware provides two modes: an AGHFP mode two-way audio communications link to standard off-the-shelf Bluetooth mono headsets for cell phones, or an A2DP mode streaming high quality stereo audio to stereo speakers or a stereo headset. The modes are selectable by the user, and saved in memory. Push-To-Talk (PTT) features are included in the AGHFP mode.

Our kcHeadset firmware can receive a wireless Bluetooth stereo signal and pair with cell phones (HFP Gateway) for a bi-directional mono voice link. It supports Bluetooth A2DP stereo sink profile, AVRCP, HFP, and SPP.

Audio Systems Overview