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Hacking Bluetooth

Out perform your competition! You just found your cutting edge wireless design group. Like a custom speed shop for race cars, KC Wirefree tunes and modifies existing Bluetooth technology. We offer complete customized firmware solutions.

Most wireless products require a few modifications to meet your specification. Sometimes small changes that add customized functions, features, or compatibility can offer great value. Other times, implementing a highly customized proprietary solutions can provide a totally unique, world class solution.

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Your Wireless Design Consultants

KC Wirefree is your specialty wireless design team. Our only goal is to make your wireless product a success.

Our Bluetooth modules are miniature wireless subsystems that involve several engineering disciplines including microscopic pcb layout and assembly, 2-way microwave radio frequency communications, embedded systems programming, power supply design, compliance certifications, and hardware data interfaces.

Our team of engineers are highly skilled in each of these specialty areas, and are a valuable source of information and assistance to enable you to successfully integrate wireless technology into your product. Our wide range industry experience and expertise in customization means that KC Wirefree efficiently and effectively integrates the latest Bluetooth wireless technology into your products.

Integrated Product Development

Our most experienced clients appreciate the value of hiring an experienced integration firm. By working directly on the micro and macro aspects of product development and manufacturing preparation, KC Wirefree can successfully navigate the inevitable challenges, and deliver a high quality, seemless product without costly surprises.

Hardware Solutions

We offer both custom "board down" designs, and semi-custom designs using our pre-engineered Bluetooth modules. We provide engineering design services including:

  • low cost, high performance components selection
  • schematic design and review
  • printed circuit board layout and gerber generation
  • prototype building and testing services
  • pre-production optimizations
  • compliance certifications application and testing
  • manufacturing quality control software and test procedures
  • high speed production test fixture design
  • full production services

US Manufacturing

Yes! We offer manufacturing services. Many clients prefer to start manufacturing new products domestically, benefitting from the highest quality engineering management and security at the critical startup point, and then transition to manufacuturing in China as quantities grow to high volumes.

TJM Electronics is a highly qualified electronics assembly company with certifications including space and aircraft electronics. We are co-located within their facility, and can provide the highest quality, secure, commercial grade manufacturing near Chinese cost. Specializing in small and medium production volumes with very quick turn around times, provides tremendous flexibility, quality, and value.

China Manufacturing

China manufacturing with our long-term, quality partners when every nickel of cost makes a significant impact on your product. We have years of reliable history working with our preferred vendors. Offering the absolute lowest cost overseas manufacturing combined with experienced production management by KC Wirefree guarantees consistant quality and reduces risk.

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